Montgomery United Fund For You


Montgomery County, Indiana

2016 campaign:  $440,567.15

How Are We Doing?

Community Report Card Gauges Montgomery County's Progress in Health, Education & Income

Now, through its partnership with the Indiana Association of United Ways, MUFFY can provide our residents with up-to-date information on Montgomery County's progress in over 35 areas related to health, education and income through the new Indiana Impact Community Report Card.

"Montgomery County has made great strides, but we still have work to do," said David Johnson, MUFFY's Executive Director.  "The Community Report Card helps MUFFY and our partner agencies discover where we need to focus our energies.  When we identify Montgomery County's specific needs, we can become a more nimble and responsive agency that provides assistance in exactly the areas that need it."

The Community Report Card can be used to view a quick snapshot of a community and how it compares to the rest of the state:

• Has the community gotten better or worse over time? 
• How does that trend compare to the state’s trend? 
• How does the community compare to other communities? 
​• How does the community compare to the state? 

In addition to the overview, users can drill down into each indicator to explore:

​• A timeline chart shows how the community and state have changed over the past few years.
​• A data table provides the numbers behind the report card – including counts and rates. 
• A bar chart compares how sub-areas within the community fare on that indicator. 
• A map shows if and where there are sub-areas more impacted than others for that indicator.

​One of the urgent issues in Montgomery County in recent years has been access to quality day care.  Through the Community Report Card, MUFFY was able to unequivocally determine our area's need and quickly move to allocate funds to New Beginnings Child Care, the new preschool at Crawfordsville's John Beard Elementary.

"Steps in the right direction--from identifying the crucial needs in our area to being able to assist in a timely manner--are what make the Community Report Card a helpful tool, and what makes MUFFY a better, more responsive community partner," said Johnson.  "We look forward to utilizing this tool to help Montgomery County's citizens in exactly the ways they need it."

​For further information about the Community Report Card, click here to access the help file. For more information about MUFFY and its partner agencies, contact the MUFFY office at 765-362-5484 or email