Montgomery United Fund For You


Montgomery County, Indiana

2016 campaign:  $440,567.15

2016 Campaign Coordinator Guide: This is your comprehensive guide to all things MUFFY, and a great place to start planning your campaign.  You'll find out what (and who!) MUFFY stands for; an easy campaign timeline; instructions on how to fill out the paperwork and awesome ideas and incentives to get your fellow employees excited about giving.

This SlideShare presentation outlines how easy it is to utilize MUFFY's payroll donation to make a huge impact in our community. Click through the presentation to the right to get all the details.  

This presentation can be altered to fit your personalized company information and shared throughout your organization; just call the MUFFY Office at 765-362-5484 to get started.

MUFFY Employee Campaign Toolkit

Our 2016 "Elevate Montgomery County" campaign video features stories from three of MUFFY's Partner Agencies highlighting how they help to elevate the lives of their clients.  

Click to download to your computer [mp4, 17 MB] or MUFFY speakers can show the video as part of their presentation to your workplace!

100 Great Campaign Ideas: From our friends at the Indiana Association of United Ways, 100 fantastic ideas to get your workplace buzzing and the donations flying.

Our 2016 "Elevate Montgomery County" campaign is all about helping to elevate the lives of all Montgomery County residents. 

Download our 2016 "Elevate" brochure here. For copies to give to your colleagues, contact the MUFFY office at 765-362-5484 and we'd be happy to deliver some!

Thank you for becoming your company's Campaign Coordinator for MUFFY's 2016 Fundraising Campaign!  You were chosen because your leadership, talent and ability to motivate others will ensure the success of your organization's campaign, for the benefit of thousands of Montgomery County citizens.  You are the one to get it done.  And MUFFY is here to help.

We are here to make your job as Campaign Coordinator as easy and as fun as possible. We have exciting ideas to share about energizing your fellow employees and getting them excited about giving. We have all the tools and expertise you need.  And when you need someone who's got your back?  Call the MUFFY office at 765-362-5484 or email and we'll bring out the big guns.