Montgomery United Fund For You


Montgomery County, Indiana


6:00 p.m.

Elston Ball Diamonds​​

806 Lafayette Avenue, Crawfordsville

2016 Battle of the Badges



All 2013 photos Copyright (c) 2013, Abbey Bullerdick, The Paper of Montgomery County

2016 campaign:  $331,585.51

Saturday, September 24

Play Ball!

It's the match-up of the year--our area's finest police officers against the valiant Crawfordsville firefighters for the MUFFY Softball Championship!

Through nine innings of heated rivalry and slapstick hilarity, our heroes will battle one another until a winner is crowned.

​In 2016, the annual battle gets even hotter when our teams draft ALL-STARS from Montgomery County's best softball players! This is a contest you won't want to miss!